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iDa-Sistemas is a Spanish Telecommunications Operator, we are registered in the Registry of Operators of the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition).

iDa-Sistemas VOIP is created from the union of two brothers who offer a personalized quality of service. We only offer solutions that we will use for ourselves in our home or in our business.

iDa-Sistemas is designed to provide communications solutions with a high performance in the ratio quality / price. One of our main objectives is the satisfaction of our clients and the achievement of a significant saving in their telecommunications services without losing the quality of those ones.


¿ Why to choose us ?

  • Because we are concerned about your satisfaction.
  • For the wide range of services that can offer you within the telecommunications sector.
  • For prompt and continuous attention.
  • For their wide knowledge of their products offered.Por su amplio conocimiento de sus productos ofrecidos.
  • By unifying your invoices in a single supplier with the consequent simplification of your financial management.
  • For its qualified employees to offer telecommunications solutions.
  • Until a few years ago, a telephone number was a number that was anchored to a certain geographical demarcation, because of the structural design of the national network, used for the routing of the calls to the physical location of the network termination point of the network client. Not anymore.
  • With the new technologies you can add a geographical number from any province to your VoIP line, and the platform is responsible for routing calls made by the telephone network to the IP address where your Phone is, regardless of the physical location in which Is installed.



We assign a geographic number to all VoIP lines.

You can hire the geographic numbers that you need and manage them through your web panel.

In case of relocation, transferring your number is as simple as reconnecting your phone to the new location and you will receive your calls again.


Save in Calls

IP voice calls have a very low cost per minute, which without a call setup and charging per second allows you to achieve spectacular savings. International calls are especially the most competitive compared to traditional operators.

Accessible for various equipment

You can use VoIP telephony on a SIP phone for desktop, wireless, computer or mobile phone. Also take advantage of analog phones using an ATA adapter.

Global Service

The service is not linked to a physical place, but to the Internet. You can have delegations spread around the world and make international trips while maintaining the telephone service, provided there is an Internet connection.

High quality sound

The compression of the voice is minimal so as not to lose quality. We are working with first class carrier, with premium routes worldwide.


We have several solutions, from a fixed line, a mobile line but also by VOIP.

You control the cost of the line, it can be with a permanent contract or it can be a temporary contract.


Number of Líne
Number incluided
Foreign fix Number
LCalls landline and 40 destinations
Calls to Europeen Mobile
Call Transfert
Welcome message
Call Filter
Call queues
Silmultaneous Calls
Cloud Pabx
Voice mail
Share Contacts
VoIP Basic
6€ inclusive
1 geografical
Not incluided
VoIP Advanced
10€ inclusive
1 geografical
Not incluided
VoIP with Mobile
18€ inclusive
1 geografical
up to 120mins
VoIP Business
50€ inclusive
1 o más
1 geografical o more


*The conditions of the offers are subject to a maximum of 99 different numbers per month and with a maximum of 59 minutes per call without limitation in the re-call.


 “We are closer than others to offer you personalized service and proximity.”