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iDa-Sistemas Networks and Systems is a company with more than 20 years experience specialised in Computers Networks and Systems Integration in Firms or Small Business.

iDa-Sistemas Networks and Systems is divide in two sectors:

  • The Infrastructure of the network with a solution by cable of copper and optical fiber or by a solution without any cable commonly called WIFI.
  • The computer system that goes from a simple desktop computer to a complex server system using Microsoft or Linux.


¿ What we offer in the network infrastructure sector ?

  • We install your IT Network with the guarantee that a professional installer can offer with the necessary technical knowledge to install, manage and maintain any computer network.
  • We offer the possibility of homogenizing your connections between offices. Reduce connection costs and offer the best quality of services to obtain the best performance of your computer systems.
  • We are expert installers of networks and structured cabling. We offer the possibility of having only one supplier to put into operation your wiring network or computer network facilities.
  • We plan and install the infrastructure connection through wiring.
  • We install and configure your local area network, your telephone exchange and telephones, your connections with remote branches and your Internet connection an efficient and safe way.
  • We carry out active and preventive network maintenance, solving network problems of any kind.


  • We install your Wifi Service in your Camping, your Hotel, your Restaurant. With our team of qualified technicians and experts in Radio Frequencies environments.
  • We use centralized management and configuration solutions for medium and large companies. The latest trends in the market are virtualized controllers, solutions without controller or controller-less and those based on the cloud.
  • We are experts in deployments of solutions adapted to your Wi-Fi environment.
  • We carry out the technical studies to offer the best licensed or open solution to connect your users or clients to your network.
  • We simply offer you a broadband internet solution in your home.
  • We are suppliers of 3G / 4G solutions.



To Satisfy the requierement and need of any owner with the utmost attention, seriousness and quality. Provide greater peace of mind during your absences and guarantee the professionalism of our services.


 “We are closer than others to offer a personalized service with proximity.”